*We are accepting on-line registrations*

Students may register for school at any time during the academic year (September until June). In order to register please fill out the accompanying Registration Form. Alternatively, students may register in person at the school on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am. When registering in person, please ring the bell (marked “ESL”) at the back door of the church.

Please be advised that by registering at Agincourt Adult ESL Learning Centre, students agree to abide by the following Student Code of Conduct (see below). Please also note that registration is conditional upon proof of payment.

Agincourt Adult ESL Learning Centre reserves the right to limit class sizes



As a condition of enrollment at the School, each student must comply with the following code of conduct:

1. Agree that they shall not teach or promote personal beliefs (religion or ideology) within the premises.

2. Agree that they shall not conduct personal business activities within the premises.

3. Agree that they will treat all persons within the premises with respect; and understand that any abuse of persons (whether based on gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality or other basis) may lead to expulsion from the School and/or other measures.

4. Agree to safeguard the premises, persons and property within it to the best of their ability.

5. Understand that neither the Church nor the School (nor its employees or volunteers) shall be responsible for any injury or property loss sustained by the student, regardless of how caused, resulting from the students’ participation in the School.

6. Agree that punctuality is important because lateness interrupts classes and disturbs other students. Students understand that classes begin at 09:30 a.m., and that their classmates deserve an apology whenever they are late.

7. Understand that any substantial breach of conditions may be cause for expulsion from the School.


Although Agincourt Adult ESL Learning Centre is a not-for-profit school, student fees are necessary to pay for rent, insurance, teaching materials, etc. Student fees currently stand at $12/month, and students may pay for the number of months they choose at intervals of their choosing.

Students may make payment through paypal, e-transfer or in-person on Tuesdays between 9:30 and 11:30 am.


Agincourt Adult ESL Learning Centre will provide attendance records directly to social workers at reasonable intervals at the request of the student.

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